SEMRush Content Marketing Toolkit

Create SEO-optimized posts, improve existing content, and scale your content marketing.

What is it?

The SEMRush Content Marketing Toolkit is a suite of tools designed to help you create content that resonates well with your audience and ranks high on Google.

It is composed of various tools to help you create new and audit existing content:

High-quality content is at the heart of every online strategy—from your website and blog posts, email, social media, and ads. The SEMRush Content Marketing Toolkit helps you build excellent content easily and quickly.

Want to consistently create high-quality content? Follow this 10-step process using the content marketing toolkit.

When should you use the Content Marketing Toolkit?

Use the content marketing tools if you want to:

  • Find a topic that resonates with your audience
  • Create a content calendar to keep track of your tasks and deadlines
  • Write an SEO-optimized article
  • Optimize new or existing blog posts or pages
  • Keep track of public mentions of your brand
  • Track the performance of your guest posts (or your competitors’)
  • Revise and improve your existing content

All these tools help you get more traffic, rank higher on Google, and increase your overall brand visibility

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