Genesis Framework

What is the Genesis Framework?

The Genesis Framework is a theme developed by StudioPress, which was then acquired by WP Engine.

What makes it different from any other theme for WordPress is the Genesis Framework focuses only on the essentials you need to rank on Google. That’s what makes it a very fast and lightweight theme.

213,675+ happy customers

Softwares will always contain bugs and other issues. The most important factor you should consider? Customer support. StudipPress offers unlimited support for every Genesis Framework purchase.

500,000+ WordPress sites

The Genesis Framework meets all your criteria: rock-solid security, blazing-fast performance, mobile-responsive designs, and SEO-optimized.

10k+ active community members

Whether you need help with customizations or tutorials to improve your site, you’ll find a lot of them.

Genesis Framework Basics

The Genesis Framework is a parent-child theme combo. Here’s a simple analogy to help understand this.

Think of WordPress as the engine of your carThe Genesis Framework (parent theme) is the frame and body of the carThen, the StudioPress child themes would be a paint job.

This design is intentional. It helps save you headaches in the future. Most themes only use one theme—the parent theme. When updates come along, all customizations you make will be lost.

It’s like updating the Facebook app on your phone and you have to create an account and set up your profile again and again.

What’s this parent theme and child theme I keep reading about?

If you’re hearing the Genesis Framework for the first time, you might get confused by words like framework and theme. You may also encounter terms called parent theme and child theme.

This is what makes the Genesis Framework unique: it uses a parent-child theme combination.

Basically, you install the Genesis Framework first as the foundation of your website. This parent theme controls the functionalities of your website. Then, you install the child theme, which controls how it looks.

Here are different analogies to better understand this:

iPhone and iOS Analogy

  • Think of WordPress as your iPhone. It’s the device itself.
  • The Genesis Framework (parent theme) is the iOS software. It controls the functionalities of your iPhone.
  • The child theme (one of the StudioPress themes or a custom-developed theme) is the customizations you make on the iPhone.

Car Analogy

  • Think of WordPress as the engine of your car.
  • The Genesis Framework a the body and frame of the car.
  • The child theme is the paint job.
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