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SEMRush is the ultimate marketing toolkit. I use it for everything—from keyword research, spying on competitors, creating SEO-optimized content, sharing on social media, and even link building. 

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The Genesis Framework is the best, lightweight, fastest, and SEO-friendly WordPress theme. It’s not bloated with features and unnecessary code that slows down your website.

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LastPass is my go-to password manager. I’ve been using it since 2018. That means, since then, I never have to remember and re-use my passwords across all my accounts.

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5-Step Process to Improve Rankings and Grow Your Traffic

How to Improve Your Existing Content to Grow Your Traffic

Content marketing and SEO is not a one-time activity. Over time, your content may become irrelevant. It may also be because your competitors created a better piece that is starting to outrank you. Use this guide to crush them.

4 Essential Website Capabilities Checklist

4 Essential Website Features

Your website is the foundation of all your digital marketing activities. It is paramount that you have all the essentials you need. Or putting this in another way, if you have more than these, it may be the reason your website is not ranking on Google. Use this checklist to assess your website.

23 Questions Google Use to Assess Quality

23 Questions Google Uses to Assess the Quality of Your Content

 How do you know if your content is high-quality? Turns out, Google has provided us with some guidelines. Use this checklist to assess your content. Remember, Google hates low-quality content.