Affiliate Disclaimer

In the interest of transparency, I’m letting you know this website uses affiliate links. This means when people click an affiliate link to an online product or service and make a purchase, I receive a commission from the sale. A few of these affiliate links include SiteGround, WPEngine, SEMRush, StudioPress, and ShortPixel.

Having been in the industry since 2010, I realized that a lot of things have come and gone in the digital marketing world. That’s why I created this website as an avenue to share my learnings over the years and pay it forward. 

Everything I write is based on my own experience and opinions. But everything I write here is for you, the reader. That is why I want to let you know I use affiliate links throughout the website. 

I’ll be following two simple rules: 

  1. You will find each a disclaimer message at the beginning of every post that includes an affiliate link. 
  2. I believe in every single word I write on this website. What that means is I use and highly recommend these tools because of the value they give, not because of the affiliate commission. In fact, I’ve been using most of these tools for a few years already and only now just started earning from them. 

At the end of the day, I want you to learn how you can grow your traffic, grow your business, and drive more business. If I can help save you from making mistakes and groping in the dark, I would have fulfilled my goal as the marketing introvert.